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BearDen Consulting partners with businesses of all sizes; focused on transformation, scaling for growth, specialized programs and leadership development.  Establishing or rethinking business and operating models are critical to stay vital.  BearDen Consulting ensures organizations stay creative, sustainable and ahead of the competition. Having a deep understanding of strategy and operations we can analyze, create and re-engineer to achieve your goals.

Inquire about increasing employee engagement, improving Net Promoter scores and achieving growth goals in your contact center through enhanced programs & technology.

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Interim Leadership Support:  Need help for a project or on a temporary basis to fill the gap.  Helping your business from start-ups to transformations.  

Leading Change: Fostering change in organizations, developing effective adoption plans and shouldering responsibilities for the team.  Developing success metrics ensuring success.

Inspire Creativity:  An extra brain on the team.  Provide an outside perspective, allowing for diversity in thought and boosting your internal team's creative thinking. 

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Disruption: Moving Beyond the Metrics

Contact Centers are notorious for managing associates to exhaustion with metrics.  What is it really getting your organization; burned out staff, high attrition and poor customer service.  Metrics are critical to any contact center operation. However, how you use these metrics with your associates can either increase your service offering or have folks meet a number. 

Move beyond the “all” the metrics, and start focusing on associate's behaviors to provide great service and engage your employees.

Operations: Assessment & Enhancement

Doing a holistic assessment will ensure that your recommendations will not have negative implications elsewhere in the operation. Assessments include technology, people, process and expectations to ensure a well-rounded evaluation.

Multi-channel, "Omni" Strategies:

  • Technology Selection, Execution & Adoption

  • Leveraging Speech/Interaction Analytics; Enterprise Analysis to Individual Assessment

There is a multitude of contact center technology in the marketplace. Are you behind in leveraging new technology, or have you purchased technology and are not sure if you are using it to its full potential? Let our team reduce the confusion and provide an analysis of what opportunities you should be harnessing.

Adoption Strategies. Change Management. Manage business change with minimal impact to end users and customers.

  • Better understand and address performance issues

  • Improve application design to drive efficiencies

  • Ensure smooth migration projects

Effective adoption of new technology - by executives, mid-level managers, other employees, suppliers, vendors and even customers - requires a thorough, relevant strategy for organizational change management. It's a continuous process, one that requires creating positive expectations before an implementation, building skills during the implementation, and sustaining engagement and motivation after going live.


leadership coaching

Leadership & Strengths Coaching

Coaching for a variety of issues across a wide spectrum of industries. No matter what the business is, engaging coaching and development programs are essential in keeping companies agile and competitive. Individual coaching & mentoring provides an external perspective, focusing on key areas of opportunities.

  • Team and individual development

  • Implementing complex systems with successful shifts

  • Cultural transformation

  • Strategic business coaching


Are you looking for more personal satisfaction with work and personal life? Understanding your strengths allows you to grow and develop, expanding your skills and competencies.


Engaging Workshops to Enhance Skills

Based on the needs of the staff and organization, BearDen Consulting will develop unique programs for front-line associates, managers and the executive team. A few examples include:

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  • Positive Language; Customer Service Training

  • How Engaged Are Your Employees and Why it Matters?

  • Leading Change

  • How Are You Measuring Your Customer Service?

  • Is Your Customer Service A Differentiator?

  • Effectively Leading Change