All About Strengths: Arranger

I am going to stay in the Executing domain, of course, because is logical for me. 

The "conductors":  Arrangers have the incredible ability to look at a situation, an opportunity and/or a challenge, and figure out how to make it happen - always looking for maximum effectiveness.  I have always wondered why this strength is not called adaptability as it is truly a strength where folks can absorb change and just figure out a new way to make it happen.  This could be, of course, because adaptability is in my bottom 5 strengths and I want to believe I am very adaptable, or as I like to call it, "structured flexibility". 

Arrangers do have a flexible nature, a curiosity to determine if is there a better way, a better configuration, or a different combination of strengths on a team to make something more effective.

Great to have your arrangers jump into a challenge, they are in their element.  

A  couple of caution areas for our arrangers: Challenging the path and thinking of alternatives can be difficult for those around you.  Think about how you can approach folks in a manner that helps them understand that you are simply thinking through alternatives.  Slow down enough to let others be part of the "arranging" for their buy-in. 

On teams, if you have a lot of arrangers it is important to set clear expectations on who is tasked with arranging whic,h pieces as all arrangers will jump right in and it can get confusing.  

Have a wonderful Tuesday ... I am off to arrange something in my house as I know there is some better set-up.    

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