All About Strengths: Belief aka Hound Dog

Belief is one of my most favorite strengths to see in action.  My nickname for those of you that have this strength in your top ten, is "hound dog", affectionately so!  Observing people with this strength; their ability to get things done when they believe it will have a positive impact is incredible.  Essentially there is no stopping them.  For those of you with high belief,  it is so important to identify organizations, friends and projects that align with your beliefs.  It will certainly give you the most life satisfaction.  Being able to live your values will ensure all of your other strengths will engage in the work you do and relationships you build.  

Understanding and valuing these folks' beliefs is critical as a leader and a friend, as it is their foundation and all actions will stem from this. When coaching someone with belief, we chat about the importance of sharing values, understanding others may not have the same belief or are as passionate as they might be.   Combined with other strong influencing strengths, folks with belief can be intimidating to others - so much passion.  Take time to share your belief and listen to others perspectives. Your inspiration and dedication will shine through.