All About Strengths: Achiever

How many achievers have already been making their lists this morning?  I know I have been.  We are certainly more than our lists, but it does give us a sense of accomplishment.  For me, the drive to get things done is ever-burning - I have two speeds, go fast and complete stop.  Sitting still or not accomplishing something is intolerable.  We are exceptional at getting things across the finish line. 

We do, however, have to be careful about burn-out.  Most of us have a tendency to pull on this strength even when we are doing something that exhausts us - sound familiar?  We also have to be careful of how our intensity to get things done impacts others.  My family can certainly relate to that one.  

Achievers, weigh in.  What resonates with you?  What have you found about this strength you can share with others?

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Have a wonderful day, and think about joining the Women's March in your location.  I will be marching in Denver!
(Previously published in January 2018)