Generation Observation: Impact of Strengths


I had the opportunity to attend a session at the CWCC DTC Leads group last week (Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce).  Speakers, Jeremy and Zoe Bellows, duMonde Innovation shared with us insights on: “Doing business as - and with – Millennials” It was great to get their insights.  

Before their session, Jeremy and Zoe asked me if I knew about StrengthFinder as they have recently learned their top 5 strengths.  Of course, I have!  We proceeded with a fun and lively conversation.  Their presentation provided insights on how Millennials like to build a connection when working with someone.  Also, a lot of discussion about the importance of the impact they have along with people they work with.   As both of them talked, I heard their strengths intertwined with their generational experiences. 

After the discussion, I continued to think about how much definition we apply to the generations.  It certainly is important to understand the differences in generations.  However, what I have found in leading and coaching people, yes, generational aspects exist, but individual’s strengths play a more significant role.  Having three generations in the workplace today requires leaders to understand the differences but be careful of the labels and biases.  We should not assume every person will fit into the labels - how they want to be coached, team engagement, work ethic – sometimes difficult to do.  Not one of us fits all aspects.  My generation, Gen X, otherwise known as the lost generation does not sit well with my “achiever” strength and I have never felt lost!  Engaging with Millennials, I understand their frustration of the labels; my experience is the labels apply in different ways based on the individual strengths and life experiences.  As is the case with all of us. 

When I engage with those that share my strengths but born into a different generation than my own, we have so many similarities; how we approach work and our relationships.  Each generation encourages an evolution in thought, work and expectations.   I do not believe the generations are really all that different, but continue to advance.  How each of us leverages our strengths and experience is what makes unique.   Would love to hear other’s perspectives?

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