All About Strengths: Naming, Claiming and Aiming Our Strengths

It has been awhile since I have updated my blog.  I have been busy and this is the 1st blog on my newly updated website, Welcome to the Bear Den!  It has been a journey and I am learning so much about websites, social media and marketing.  Feeding the "learner" in me.  

I had a chance to conduct a workshop with a team yesterday, discussing their strengths and team dynamics.  It was a great session.  A very high executing team.   We focused on the important aspects of truly understanding and leveraging all of our strengths.  

As opposed to focusing in on one strength today, I wanted to discuss a broader concept around our strengths: Naming, Claiming and Aiming our Strengths.  During the workshop we spent time talking about one strength in our top ten we need to spend more time defining:  how this strength works best for us, how it is a part of who we are and if we leverage this strength, what impact can it have in our lives?  

Most of our top strengths resonate with us immediately.  However other strengths, when reading the "one liner" can be challenging; does that really define who I am, or who we are as a team?  Even as we learn more, we may shy away from exploring our strength based on other's bias or the "basement" labels that we do not want to own.  In reality, we are only hurting ourselves.   Those are the strengths we need to explore more, be honest with ourselves about all the great aspects and those that are not so great.  

Every strength is critical, what makes us dynamic and unique.  Understanding and owning our strengths allows us to leverage them in the most effective manner. Defining how a strength works for you, being aware of the impact if we over-use a strength will help you be more productive, more fulfilled and build stronger relationships.  

I give my readers a challenge this week, think about your top ten strengths.  Is there a strength you shy away from?  Think, well it is not really not me?  Are the barrier labels difficult to own? 

Spend some time thinking about:

·      How this strength makes you unique?

·      When you leverage this strength what impact does it have personally or professionally?

·      What you need to be aware of the effect you can have on others?

·      Ask others their perspective as well, I always find others insights on how they see this strength in me?

Every one of our individual strengths is a part of our fabric.  Make sure you are leveraging your strengths!  Would love to hear any comments about insights if you take on my challenge. 

Workshop Updates

I am conducting workshops in March in Colorado Springs and Denver to help people best leverage their strengths.

Colorado Springs workshop is set up for Saturday, March 24th

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Denver workshop date will be determined soon. 

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