“It’s a must to attend a StrengthsFinder session with Clare! My husband and I participated with 10 couples who learned about individual strengths and how they compared with their spouse/significant other. Clare shared the fundamentals of strengths, a view into individual and the couples strengths, and most importantly, how to understand and best utilize these in everyday life and relationships! Whether you are new in a relationship or together for a long time, this session provided valuable insights. Thank you Clare!”

-Sherri Kroonenberg

“I have a brand new, very professional looking resume, and a better understanding of my personal strengths (from the Gallup StrengthsFinder) all thanks to BearDen!!! This is definitely an LLC you need to know!!!”

-Shane Smith

Leadership Overall.jpg

Leveraging Their Strengths

“Clare has been a phenomenal strengths coach to me as I continue my leadership journey. Her insights and suggestions have helped me leverage my strengths in an even more effective and fulfilling way. I had the pleasure of reporting to Clare and have always found her candid, supportive approach to leadership energizing. She creates high-performing teams and leaves a strong, positive legacy through her teams and her personal focus on each individual.”

-Nikki Jain, Fidelity Investments

"Clare is amazing and has a very unique ability to quickly understand your strengths and translate how to utilize them in your every day life as well as your career. I gained so much knowledge from working with Clare and notice how my strengths play into every aspect of my life. She also has extensive experience in many industries and can guide and navigate in any environment to help you achieve your goals. Above all she is focused, kind, and personable making the whole process really fun!"

-Lauren Shultz

"Clare is a wonderful coach and always comes to the table fully engaged and fully present. She has a dynamic and infectious personality that makes you want to work with her. She helped me through a transitional time in my career where I was new to management and wasn’t sure how to be successful in my new role. Using Gallup®, StrengthsFinder® as a tool, she helped me understand that the full proof way of being a leader is to fully engage who you are and be as authentic as possible. She also helped me understand my strengths and how to apply them in real-world scenarios. If you are looking for a coach who can help you get where you want by connecting with who you are, you cannot go wrong with Clare."

-Ryan Ballew

"I was first introduced to Clare as part of Daniels College of Business' executive mentorship program in October 2017. Since then, Clare has coached me on leveraging my strengths to further develop my leadership skills. As part of these coaching sessions, she has provided me with indispensable guidance on focusing on my strengths to truly understand how I add value to my organization. My interactions with her have helped me tremendously as I navigate my career path and improved my engagement at work. As a coach, Clare combines her years of industry experience along with Gallup's StrengthFinder, to provide guidance on improving individual as well as team performance. If you or your organization are looking to get a step closer to understand your true calling by leveraging your strengths, I recommend reaching out to Clare for her expert guidance."

-Kaustubh Chimote

"Clare is a wonderful strengths coach! She hones in on your key strengths, while considering all of them for an in-depth picture and analysis. From there, you learn about your total strengths, talents, which for me translates into my aptitude for certain things in the business world. Knowing what you are good at can take the pressure off trying to fit a round peg into a square hole. I'm so glad to know Clare and to have been introduced to such a valuable leadership assessment! I look forward to using this method while making hiring decisions in the future."

-Kim Shepheard, Owner of Shepheard Marketing

"Excellent review of strengths, helping us move forward with confidence in a new direction."

-Carlos & Melanie Douglas

"I have had the opportunity to work for and with Clare and she is one of those rare professional people who just 'gets it'. She uses Gallup® StrengthsFinder® in a very unassuming way and is able to quickly and effectively identify the best ways to improve how people perform and work as a team. Any organization can benefit from what Clare offers and will be pleased with the outcomes. I have seen the results firsthand and highly recommend her!" 

-Joe Benvegnu, Customer Engagement Consultant, Slalom Consulting


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Working with Clare

“I've had the privilege of working with Clare for more than 10 years in the financial services industry. Leadership, strategic mindset, and execution skills are the hallmark of her career. She demonstrates the capability to move easily between vision, strategy and execution to drive impactful outcomes. Her deep passion for both people and customers are evident in her coaching abilities and focus on the client experience. She's a true asset!”

-Sherri Kroonenberg, Leader @ Charles Schwab & Fidelity

Client Engagement in Colorado Springs

"Having known Clare for 20 years, I knew she was the expert needed to assist our organization refocus and recharge our Customer Service organization.  Clare was responsive, energetic and laser focused helping us to target both short-term issues and long-term goals.  Not only did Clare bring technical expertise to our engagement, she facilitated several leadership sessions, helping to bring the strategic focus needed to implement plans for long-term success.  We have already seen improvements in service levels, and customer experience and leader engagement."

-Confidential Client

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